Top 5 Ways To Turn Platonic Relationships Into Committed Ones

There is a thin line that draws love and friendship in platonic relationships. Love requires commitment. Affection, on the other hand, can be easily offered to a friend devoid of any vow. To many, this can be quite frustrating as the possibility of rejection can be quite high. To others, being in a “friends with […]

Jealousy in Relationships

It is no secret that jealousy in relationships is comparable to a time-bomb ready to explode at any moment. Both people in the relationship are always feeling like they are walking on eggshells waiting for the proverbial “other shoe to drop.” Having this much additional stress in a relationship can be both emotionally and physically […]

The Rebound Relationship

Most of us are in at least one rebound relationship at some point or another in our life. Whether it is in high school or the later years of life, it is bound to happen. Considering that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, the possibility of being in one is even greater than it […]

Making Long Distance Relationships Work

With the popularity of social media websites, many people wonder how to make long distance relationships work. With these websites, you can easily connect with people from your local area as well as with others that live very far away from you.