Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Personality Qualities

Personality qualities stand for the sum total of characteristics and traits that define you. In order to stand out in a crowd or affect people positively, improving your overall personality is of utmost importance.

Top 5 Personality Traits that Enhance Your Happiness

Personality traits, also known as character, are ways of thinking, actions and fundamental beliefs that either add or deduct the happiness level we experience in life. Having a character though is not the basic characteristic to be happy but it is still an essential component to live life to its fullest.

Top 5 Ways To Boost Self Efficacy Of The Elderly

Studies made on the physical performance of the elderly from ages 55 to 70 revealed that patients with low self efficacy experienced more chronic pain than the average individual. The physical performance indices relate to tests of strength, mobility, and dexterity.

Top 5 Tips For Better Social Interaction

Social interaction is one of those things you need to have to help you live a more exciting life and to open up opportunities to meet new people. Most people, however, can tend to struggle when it all comes down to talking to others, whether it be anxiety or just not being able to talk […]