Utilizing Self Growth in Determining Your Purpose

There are many people today could use some knowledge of self growth because they are in a personal struggle. They want to define their purpose and may be feeling anxious about their own meaning of life. They may feel their existence is meaningless. This can create a lot of stress, worry and doubt. Many want to know their purpose or how to find out what their path leads.

Often these feelings can be brought on by some life-defining moment or transition such as a divorce, death in the family, children starting school or leaving home, loss of a job or a plethora of other life-altering changes.

In the present economic state many are going through the loss of job trauma. They have no idea what to do. People are frozen with fear and simply want to know what they can do to fix what is broken.

The American Dream has faded and there are some who believe the old way of life in the U.S. will never again be the same. A paradigm shift has occurred and there is no way to predict what to do and where to find out how to get out of the mess we’ve found ourselves in today.

The Days of the 30-Year Job Are Long Gone
Even in the 60’s you were told to get an education, find a good job and work until thirty years has past then start collecting from your retirement fund. For the past few decades people are moving from job to job trying to move up each time. Due to the present economic climate lots of people are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet.

Job security is a thing of the past and unless you belong to a union or have a government job you are at the mercy of bosses who occasionally decide to clean house and lay off long-term workers so they can hire two younger workers and pay them less.

The long-term unemployed can’t even find jobs in many cases because managers don’t want to hire someone who hasn’t worked for over one year.

It seems unfair but it’s because they look at the long-term unemployed as a liability instead of an asset. After one or two years out of work their skill levels have decreased and they would have to be retrained so again, the bottom line wins over fairness.

What To Do?
First of all, if you are facing any sort of challenge from one or more of those mentioned above it would be wise to seek the counsel of someone expert in the field of self growth. You may not be able to afford a one-on-one consultation with a professional counselor but there are DVDs, CDs, books and free Webinars online with industry experts that can at least get you started on the road to exploring the possibilities of making some positive changes.

You may find a weekly meeting of people in your town who get together and discuss how to support one another in finding new jobs, clearing out the cobwebs of pain and anger if you’ve recently divorced or any other challenge. Whatever your problems may be there is a meeting going on somewhere you can attend.

If you have time on your hands it will give you the perfect opportunity to delve into your psyche to figure out who you are and discover your true purpose. One thing that may give you some peace is the knowledge that our real purpose in life is to be happy.

A definition of purpose is “The reason for which something is done or for which something exists.”

You don’t need to ask yourself what you should do but what you want and how to get it. Ask yourself what is important to you. What would make you happy? How do you want your life to look?

Connect with yourself using meditation, prayer or attending retreats. Take time to reflect on your life. Define what is important to you and what you value most? Remember a time when you felt the most powerful and authentic. What made you feel most excited and full of energy?

Begin to journal all the positive attributes you’d like to have and what you need to bring them to fruition. Write down how you want your life to look and how you would feel living a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Talk and meet with close friends you trust and together you can flesh out the perfect scenario for what each of your lives would look like if they were perfect. Do everything possible to discover your own genius. It does exist, so also determine what gifts you have that can create change in your life as well as others.

Start living today and make your life everything your heart desires because you have discovered the magic of self growth.

About the author

Richard M Krawczyk Known as "Mr. Blueprint", Richard M Krawczyk is a human potential expert, bestselling author, motivational keynote speaker, and business strategist. He is the founder of Success Now International - a personal and business development training and consulting company. You can find him on Google+ , Twitter and LinkedIn. Richard is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and an avid supporter of Drum Corps International - a non-profit youth activity.