The Importance of Marketing Objectives

In today’s world, everyone appears to be an expert at giving advice on marketing objectives. They seem to virtually crawl out of your computer through your email, on Facebook and any other venue where they may be able to get your attention.

You may be someone who has just as much knowledge and know-how as they do, yet you haven’t gotten out there and made your mark. You need to create your brand, decide where your expertise lies and begin to market yourself.

Creating the buzz around yourself takes a plan and the plan includes building a following or community of people who like what you offer and want more of it.

There are many ways to build your brand and once you do it must be protected and guarded with your life.

One simple misstep and your brand can be tarnished and very difficult to rebuild.

There are ways to repair your brand and bury negative listings on websites indexed by Google, but once they are out in the public arena it’s difficult to move them and almost impossible to remove them without finding an expert and paying lots of money for the service.

No matter how well known you are or now you’ve promoted yourself and built your brand, without creating or building a community around yourself or finding a way to get into an online community your brand will stagnate and you won’t get yourself in front of enough and/or quality people so you can reach your full potential.

You Need Raving Fans
There are plenty of gurus who have built their brand, become very well-known and have created huge lists of fans who will seriously buy anything they put out on the market. I’m sure you know of or know many of them. You too can become so well-known if you have enough content and keep creating more to offer your following.

The larger your community becomes and the bigger your list grows will have a direct effect on your brand and income. Your goal should be to begin a buzz about yourself and get people’s attention.

You want your fans to talk to everyone they know about you and your products or services. This process is not easy but once you’ve reached a certain number of fans on your list it can grow exponentially and so will your bank account.

Blog Your Brand
A powerful tool to start with is a blog. Once your blog gets out there you can begin to see the results by the comments left by those who read it.

Also, comment on other blogs in your industry. Many of them may allow you to leave links that can create back links to your blog and can rapidly improve your online presence.

Networking, Networking, Networking
Follow along as the other experts in your field and glean as much information and knowledge from how they build their brands and market themselves. You can learn a lot from others who have already done the work. Match and model their actions.

Join Your Guru’s Mastermind Group
By joining their mastermind group, you will immediately capture the attention of your guru. In the industry, we call it “Pay to Play.” Don’t be surprised if they give you extra attention and may even promote what you have to offer.

Additionally, you will be able to network with other high-end individuals which can make you a significant amount of money in the long-term.

Live Events
Go to as many live events as possible. Do your best to connect and build some professional relationships with some of the better-known experts in your industry.

You shouldn’t be shocked to discover that most of the real “deals” are not cut on the golf course, but late night at the bar at live events. You don’t even need to drink alcohol.

Since other people like to talk about themselves, ask plenty of questions that will enable them to talk about themselves even more.

Show that person that they are truly special by giving that person your complete attention. Make sure to not look over their shoulder to see if there is someone “more important” that you should talk to. Make them feel like they are the most important and only person in the room.

The more you have people talking about themselves the better. Since very few people conduct themselves in this manner, you will immediately stand out from the crowd and others will be more than happy to help you.

Over the years, I’ve developed close relationships with some of the top people in their field by simply networking with them at live events.

Once you are in their inner-circle they may even connect you with others who can join your community of fans as well as you can join theirs.

Social Networking
Social networking on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google + can also be a huge benefit with your branding efforts. Facebook especially helps you interact and engage your potential audience. You can set up a Page for yourself and invite people to “Like” your page.

You can truly shine as you show off your winning personality and products/services.

Tell your story. You want people to be inspired by you and motivate others to start the buzz about you and your story. Tell the story of your life, how you started and your path to becoming who you are today.

Everyone loves a good human-interest story, especially a rags-to-riches story with a happy ending. If you struggled and once were homeless, slept on your parents’ sofa for years before you finally made it big or even if you had just an average life but still made it big, that’s what people want to hear.

Through social networking, you can raise the status of your brand and your online presence to new heights and make some terrific and bountiful connections.

Search Engine Results
Again, I can’t stress enough how important it is for you to maintain a clean and positive brand because it will be all over the search engines, especially Google. Imagine your horror at finding something negative about you is in the number one position on Google search results.

Your search engine results provide those who Google you with your resume in many ways and gives a lasting impression. If the information is good, you’re fine but if it’s not you have a problem.

Today there are many people online who do Online Reputation Management. Those unlucky people who have somehow gotten themselves included in a negative blog, a scam alert or even worse will have to hire the services of someone who can move your negative links back a few pages or even negotiate with the person writing the negative blog or article to remove it.

That is very difficult because so many of those who write negative things seem on some kind of power trip and enjoy ruining your good reputation. Some even attempt to get you to pay them to take the negative items off. This is extortion.

You can lose a lot of money and important business contacts when a potential customer or client sees a horrific or negative post related to you when they search your name or company. What you want are positive articles and blogs that are helpful and informational to others.

People appreciate a non-advertisement article or blog that provides them with some helpful information and when your name is attached to it your brand grows by leaps and bounds. Provide great useful content and people will flock to you.

The Pros and Cons of SEO and Online Reputation Management
Make sure you or someone in your office tracks and monitors anything written about you online. If anything is found that can be harmful give it your immediate attention.

You can easily subscribe to Google Alerts and set your keywords to your name, products and your main competitors. Once Google website robots go to a website to index it and one or more of your programmed keywords appear, you will be sent an email by Google.

Online Reputation Management companies can bury the negative links by adding new positive content but it takes time and effort.

These companies can also assist you in gaining a better ranking on Google and Alexa and both those things give you higher recognition.

Using their services can be very beneficial. The only negative is perhaps the cost but also make sure to check with others in your industry and get referrals so you won’t spend money only to receive no positive result.

Unless you are an online marketing and SEO professional, it is best to find someone to handle that portion of your marketing plans.

You have your area of expertise and if you attempt to also do your online marketing you may lose in the end by taking your attention off of creating great content and products to offer your soon to be client base and the ones already in your virtual community.

If you are just starting out you may have such a small organization (perhaps only yourself) so it may be necessary to take charge of your own marketing campaigns until you are making enough money to pay someone else to do it.

As soon as you can afford it turn your marketing objectives over to the experts and give your business your undivided attention.

About the author

Richard M Krawczyk Known as "Mr. Blueprint", Richard M Krawczyk is a human potential expert, bestselling author, motivational keynote speaker, and business strategist. He is the founder of Success Now International - a personal and business development training and consulting company. You can find him on Google+ , Twitter and LinkedIn. Richard is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and an avid supporter of Drum Corps International - a non-profit youth activity.