Personal Development Focusing on Stress Management

The absence of stress management using personal development may well be the biggest roadblock that causes people to live a chaotic, disorganized life full of regret and lack of performance. They may be educated, intelligent and capable yet be disordered, anxious and live a life of scarcity and lack in their finances and relationships.

The impact of stress can hinder growth in every part and dimension of your life. It all begins between the ears in your mind. Your mind is the CEO and controller of every, single action you take, for the good or bad. If your mind is in chaos your body, spirit and everything around you is a result of your anxiety and disorder.

Stressed out people are difficult to be around. They react instantly to some perceived verbal attack or what would otherwise be considered a benign comment made by a friend, associate or relative. They fight with everyone including family, colleagues and sometimes the wrong person like their bosses, eventually finding themselves unemployed.

Unfortunately, they have no idea what they did and usually perceive themselves as a victim of someone out to get them.

Workplace stress is something everyone lives with on a daily if not hourly basis. There’s no way to get around the fact that we are human beings and humans are often difficult to get along with. Perhaps you are not up to the task of what your job entails. You may need more training but are too afraid to ask for help.

There may be deadlines you must make but have a problem with procrastination. You may put things off until the last moment, do a shoddy job and turn in your work only to be called to your manager’s office the next day.

In this economy, you could be one of the 56% of Americans who is virtually ‘under-employed.’ You’re working your butt off for pay you wouldn’t have accepted ten years ago, but now you’re at the mercy of the economy so you can’t afford to quit. So you’re stuck and resentful. More stress to pile on to the heap you’re already sitting on.

Managing Work-Related Stress
If someone had a pill that instantly removed stress they’d be a “gazillionaire.” Yes, there are medications one can take that take the edge off, but occasionally you can end up in a stupor and that’s not conducive to a productive day at work. Walking around like a zombie isn’t the answer to stress.

Stress is simply part of our lives that cannot be removed but we can learn how and acquire tools to help ourselves lower and get to a position where we don’t allow stress to impact our lives.

Managing stress can help us lead happy and productive lives. Having the discipline to know what your “stressors” are and how to alleviate them is something you can learn and put in practice immediately.

Living a life where you’ve created ‘systems,’ time management plans and the resources you need to put a solid plan together will remove stress from your life and keep you on track emotionally and physically.

Manage Yourself Effectively
This is exactly what ‘stress management’ is all about. Analyze your lifestyle, set your goals and priorities, and concentrate on the things in that give you the most reward. Those priorities are where you need to spend your times.

Procrastination is a huge stress related challenge many people face. Those who put everything off until the last minute seem to almost get a thrill from going to the edge of the cliff then at the last minute, finish the task at hand and once more they are saved from falling off the proverbial cliff.

Once you overcome procrastination you can be more in control of your life and have a much greater ability to perform daily tasks and complete short-term and long-term projects in record time without waiting until the last minute.

There are great books, CD courses and even live webinars given by experts on time management that would be of great help to the tried and true procrastinator. Even if you don’t have that particular challenge, you may find resources and ideas through these courses that can make you even more productive.

Attitude is Everything
A positive and dedicated attitude could be the major key to your success. If you live a life with a “can do” attitude instead of allowing yourself to wallow in stress and self-pity you will be able to deal with anything that gets in your way, handle it instantly and move on.

Nothing can hold you back if you keep a clear head and the mental attitude that you are a winner and life’s little ups and downs is not going to keep you from reaching your goals.

You’re not a one man or woman Army. Learn the fine art of delegation. There are tons of ‘little things’ that get in your way that one must handle each and every day. Turning over some lesser things to your subordinates will not make you a poor leader. In fact, it will make you a better one because they can take over small stuff that keeps you from attending to the ‘bigger stuff.’

They will be happy to lend a helping hand, thus you can be free to keep up with all your commitments, making each day better than the last in relieving your personal stress.

When You’re Not Happy, Nobody’s Happy
A tired, stressed out person who stays in a constant state of stress and frustration can be affected and feel the impact of anything and everything. You’ll become sleep-deprived, you may turn to food in order to fill the void and for many, eating is an emotional crutch. You can end up overweight and your health can and will begin to decline.

When you’re unhappy because of stress you may begin a negative spiral downward by putting all your attention on what isn’t done instead of figuring out how to get them done by asking for help. You end up losing sleep, time, energy and focus.

Your life is at a point where it pretty much sucks. But only you can turn it around.

Your mind and the way you view your outer and inner world affect not only your attitude but the negative things you may be giving your energy to that are not serving you well.

Being stuck in a negative rut will force you to keep looking at the same unimportant things that are holding you back rather than helping you move forward. Your mind is not your friend in many ways because when you’re in ‘negative mode’ you keep looking for reasons that support your idea that you’re stressed and have no way of getting out of it.

Again, some classes, books or CDs on time and/or stress management can be huge tools for you to get out of your rut and stay out. Keep a journal of everything that goes right each day. Even if it’s something you consider unimportant or inane, make a note of it.

Read it over several times during the day and try to come up with more positive things that have happened. Did you go to a mall full of cars but magically you pull right into a space right in front of the main entrance? Think of anything and everything that will pull your thoughts from negativity to something positive.

The more you keep up with this practice the sooner you’ll realize that nothing that formerly caused you stress was all that important. It’s the little things that can mean the most. Dwell on the good and the bad will disappear.

Pretty soon you’ll be in a continual state of a higher and better mood, you’re brain will begin sending out those endorphins that make you feel great and each day will be a wonderful adventure you’ll look forward to instead of dreading.

By using personal development techniques for stress management, you will soon take both your personal and business life to a whole new level.

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