Personal Development Definition

At this moment in time we can and should use any and all tools available to improve our lives, yet many people wouldn’t even begin to research exactly what is their personal development definition.

For a personal development definition, one must go back to early childhood. As babies, we totally rely on our parents because we cannot meet even the most basic of our needs. The two people who brought us into the world are the ones who begin shaping our personalities, ideas and culture.

If we could go back and “choose” our parents of course we would pick those who have a higher level of consciousness and awareness so from infancy to young adult ready to leave the nest we have experienced the “perfect” life from two loving and caring parents. As life would have it no one has ever been able to pick from a list of potential parents exactly who will raise us with no suffering or pain on our part.

There is a school of thought that on a soul level we do choose our parents before we land on planet earth because they are the two from whom our life lessons will be learned that will lead us to become who we are supposed to be, for good or bad.

If life was perfect from the time of our conception until we leave the nest, we would live in a world of perfect “Stepford people,” and that might be rather boring.

Even those who live rather hard lives can become successful and happy if they choose to let go of any and all negativity associated with their childhoods and make the decision that they are now capable adults who can use the lessons they learned even if they were negative or painful and take those lessons and turn their lives into something wonderful.

Of course, there are those who dwell on their childhoods and never let go of any of the negativity of whatever they experienced and make everyone pay for how they perceive they were treated, real or not. We all have memories of negative moments while we were growing up, yet for most people it’s easier to move on and let go of the past rather than allow the past to rule and ruin your adult life.

“The past is history and the future is a mystery. That is why they call this the present.”

Grow Up and Forgive Your Parents for Doing the Best They Could
So you had a rough childhood-millions of people did and at this very moment millions of children are having a very hard time of it.

Becoming self-aware by deciding to move on will be a life-changing moment. If you forgive those who caused you pain or suffering, you are the one who wins.

Forgiveness does not negate what they did or what you believe they did to harm you, but it gives you freedom and releases you from the bonds that keep you stuck in a place you’d rather leave.

Growing up physically, mentally and emotionally, we begin to transform like a butterfly into a unique human being who would like to create something significant for themselves and others.

As we move through our lives and old age sets in, we begin to fall back into a state of dependence and hopefully if you’ve raised a good and loving family you will have the support and care from your children. In some cases where your life has been one of chaos and dysfunction with your family and others, you may find yourself at the end of life alone in a facility for the elderly and no one will at your side when you make your transition from life to death.

It’s a sad thing to be at the end of life alone when all you had to do was work on being the best person you could be and treat others with love and respect. That is definitely a time where “too little too late,” is a reality.

Unless your parents were abusive alcoholics or drug users, your father or mother spent time in prison or worse, they were probably trying to do the very best they could with the tools they had been given.

Sometimes when children grow up and leave home, they use the “abuse excuse” on their parents as weapons for decades, never noticing how hard their parents have tried over the years to be kind and make up for whatever transgressions their children felt they had experienced.

“You do the best you can do then when you know better, you do better.”
Maya Angelou

Break Out of that Rut and Go for the Gusto
So if you are feeling stuck in a rut and have an attitude of “I’m not successful because my parents abused me and I never got a break like other people did,” get over yourself, take responsibility for your actions or non-actions and find a way to improve your life through personal development.

For the most part it never crosses the mind of someone who is in a constant state of “victimhood.” They go through life blaming others and are actually jealous of successful people.

No matter what your personal development definition is, it more important today than at any other time in our history.

Millions of people are out of work and for those who have been unemployed for over two years, employers are actually tossing their applications in the garbage because those during those years without a job the one seeking employment has lost many of their skill-sets and are not current on what is going on in their former industry.

Instead of giving up, get up and move into working on yourself by seeking out personal development seminars, books, CDs, DVDs and if possible, find a mentor in the field that interests you the most and actively get to work making yourself a valuable commodity.

Those with the most passion and desire will be the ones who are noticed by potential employers and hired.

Personal development and growth will not only serve you well in the workplace but in every area of your life.

Our world is a complex place and just keeping up with everyone else is rather like being a hamster on a wheel. Relationships are not easy, whether personal or professional.

Someone who is in a constant state of self-improvement can keep up with any challenge that comes their way. An unprepared person is at the mercy of every problem that they face every day.

Without the knowledge and tools at hand to deal with anything we face, it’s nearly impossible to have a happy, successful and full life.

What Used to be is No More
It’s time to now rethink everything you’ve ever learned in order to make it in our world today. People are re-evaluating everything they know. What used to be the norm in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and even the 90’s is no longer valid.

No matter what your profession, nothing is the same as it was even a decade ago because technology and a paradigm shift in thought brought about change in everything.

People are becoming more aware, “waking up” if you will, about the fact that even though what is “outside” is developed we must now learn to develop what is “inside.”

Our thought patterns and becoming more conscious human beings will serve us well with all the chaos and upheaval in our world today.

We possess amazing capabilities that many have not yet tapped into. For those who begin the quest toward personal development there is no end to what can be accomplished.

There are those who are yet to be recognized who may well make incredible discoveries that could bring our planet and mankind back from the brink of disaster.

Just imagine, one of those people could be you — if you decide to step out of the box and discover your own personal development definition.

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