Creating Optimum Health Through Regular Exercise

For those individuals who are constantly sick and forced to make that dreaded visit to your doctor in what seems like a regular basis, optimum health could come in the form or regular exercise and a change in eating habits. It may be vital to take a sort of survey on your health.

What seems to be the underlying cause of staying in a continual state of being unwell?

Below are some questions you could write down in a notebook and don’t skimp on writing anything and everything you can think of in the way of how you feel and question yourself on your lifestyle.

Be Brutally Honest With Yourself
1.   Do you eat a healthy diet or do you consume lots of fat and empty calories simply because you “feel like it and it tastes good?” What may taste good may  not be good for you or be something that supports your health.
2.   Do you exercise regularly? Most people think of exercise as jogging or going to the gym and lifting weights or going through a huge workout schedule.

Believe it or not, eating healthy can be delicious and not half as difficult as you may think. Cut back on red meat, eat free range chicken or turkey, wild fish (never farm-raised) and at least three servings of vegetables per meal (except breakfast) and try to cut back on all the carb-laden foods like pancakes and do your best to make fried eggs, bacon and sausage a once in a while treat.

You Are What You Eat
A perfect example of that quote can be viewed from the person who has diabetes. A diabetic is insulin resistant and must be very careful in what they consume. They constantly monitor their blood sugar through the use of a glucose meter which means they have to prick their finger or sometimes their arm to get a drop of their blood to check their sugar levels.

If a diabetic eats something with high carbohydrates or a meal full of carbs and fat, within an hour or two their blood sugar can be off the charts and so high it can become life threatening.

This example proves that what we eat directly and almost instantly has an effect on our bodies. If you are not a diabetic consider yourself lucky because you have time to reverse the potential of developing this debilitating disease.

Why wait until you become truly ill to do something positive for yourself that could impact the rest of your life?

Exercise Every Day Can Keep the Doctor Away
Sure, if you’re feeling great you don’t need medical care (except for that regular check-up) but many people feel great, do everything in excess until that fateful day when age and overindulgence catches up with you.

Have you ever noticed that “fit” people seem to have more fun? Naturally, you may feel you’d have to go a long way and work too hard to achieve any level of fitness that could improve your health but that’s not true.

You can start out with “baby steps.” Purchase some good walking shoes or tennis shoes that are built for walking and start walking. You may only be able to walk twenty feet the first day if you’re really out of shape, but keep walking that twenty feet on a daily basis, then add five more, then five more and so on until you get up to a mile.

Obviously, you should always consult your doctor before you begin any exercise regimen, but if you don’t have any serious health issues they would probably cheer you on and give you nothing but praise for taking charge of your health.

Find a ‘walking buddy’ to join you. There’s nothing better than doing something with another person so you both can support and keep each other focused on the goal; becoming fit and/or healthier.

Hanging out with a bunch of sick people in a doctor’s office is way less appealing than experiencing the company of fit and vital people who make their health a priority.

Be Kind to Your Heart And It Will be Kind to You
Nearly 54% of Americans put off exercise or simply don’t even think about it. They believe working and walking around their offices a few times a day, and to their cars, is sufficient. No, it’s not. Only 22% of Americans exercise enough to become ‘heart-healthy.’

There have been thousands of medical studies done for centuries that show how regular exercise can lower the need for medical intervention by nearly 50%. Along with strengthening your heart muscle it can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

For those desiring to lose weight you can get a quadruple whammy. You can get healthier and lose weight.

Your heart is the engine that runs your body. Doing anything and everything possible to strengthen the most important muscle in your body and it needs exercise to keep up its’ tireless work it does for you each and every day. For the obese person who can barely walk a few feet without getting winded, it means their hearts are struggling to carry the extreme burden of all that extra weight.

Of course, we’re not dismissing or putting down the overweight because statistics show that nearly 60% of Americans are overweight or obese. Even children are becoming a huge block of those that carry too many pounds and it is making a very negative impact upon their lives.

Most likely, they won’t live as long as their parents who became overweight as adults. All they need is support, compassion and someone to give them the tools necessary to get on the path to wellness. Some will heed the call and some won’t. Our health and life is our own personal responsibility.

The sedentary lifestyles we live and the fast-food that has become second nature and brought our society to the brink of a health disaster.

According to, a 45-minute light jog can burn as much as 653 calories. Instead of watching a one-hour reality show, how about taking a 30-45 minute walk or, if possible, purchase even an inexpensive exercise bike and peddle for 45 minutes during inclement weather.

Do yourself and your family a huge favor and give them the gift of health through healthy eating and a reasonable exercise routine. Make it a family affair and sit down and do some healthy meal-planning so everyone is satisfied, then lay out a plan for some physical exercise the whole family can enjoy.

If you can afford one of the games that connect to your television like Wii, buy one, hook it up and get some of the exercise videos and make a practice of using it together a few nights per week, then on one weekend day during good weather, go on an exercise outing as a family. Your children will have a great time and doing so as a family unit will be even more of a blessing to all of you.

The Bottom Line
Eating healthy and maintaining a state of optimum health not only benefits your heart, arteries and reduces the risk of many types of cancer, but it also is known to reduce the risk and can reduce pain, inflammation and the stiffness and agony of arthritis because it increases the blood supply to the muscles.

An additional benefit could be in lowering the risk and alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

How could you not be in a better mood if you feel good and look great? Get out there now and create optimal health through regular exercise.

About the author

Richard M Krawczyk Known as "Mr. Blueprint", Richard M Krawczyk is a human potential expert, bestselling author, motivational keynote speaker, and business strategist. He is the founder of Success Now International - a personal and business development training and consulting company. You can find him on Google+ , Twitter and LinkedIn. Richard is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and an avid supporter of Drum Corps International - a non-profit youth activity.